We believe in the power of AI in Recruitment

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Empowering the World with AI ATS

Our features

Our rigorous process is proven to get top Candidates

Executive Search

Easy search options available


Automate the entire recruitment process

HR Outsourcing

You can manage if you have outsourced agents

Expatriate Services

You can manage wide services

Payroll Services

You can run payroll reports after onboarding


You can manage onboarding process

workforce management

We don’t stop after hiring

Our ATS can also help you assess the type of resumes you receive and the source which is performing well 

Determine Corporate Objectives

You can first define objective of your business

Profile the Ideal Candidates

Upload suitable candidates resumes into the ATS

Targeted Headhunting

The ATS will give you most curated profiles filtered on various parameters

Scientific Assessment

There is will be AI enables assessment for all the resumes


Happy Reviews

This is one of the best ATS that I have ever Seen – You will get only what you need no confusion no nonsense

Our Strengths

Scalable for global business

AI enabled Applicant tracking system that can help recruiter to easily filter and automate recruitment process

Easy installation
smart ats at a glance

Small elements big impact


Here you'll find a variety of features created by our team

As partners

we believe in a human and rigorous approach to recruiting